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Specialist Environments

Handling specialist environments

Complete Interiors are experienced in dealing with specialist environments such as schools, offices and server rooms where there is a need for specific installations to aid an efficient and safe working environment.

We provide specialist partitioning that meets crowd pressure requirements which is very important in public areas such as schools and colleges. The partitions we use are doubled glazed which provide acoustic reduction and insulation for fire resistance.

Climate control is extremely important when it comes to promoting a safe and productive working environment. Our air conditioning units can be especially effective at reducing heat in areas such as classrooms and offices where there are a many computers in use. Controlling both temperature and humidity is paramount for the successful operation of server rooms due to their production of heat. We at Complete Interiors will ensure that the correct ventilation system is installed in order to keep the constant operation of your technology.

Specialist environments often need raised access flooring and this has become an integral part of working areas that depend on practical and safe access to data cabling. We provide a variety of flooring solutions that can minimalise sound, give easy access for alterations and any maintenance that may need doing.

a photo showing specialist computer training area in a school - view from rear
a photo showing specialist computer training area in a school - view from front
photo of a computer server room
photo of a larger server room
photo looking down between a row of computer servers in special room
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