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Workpace Washrooms and Sanitation Areas

Washrooms are essential within a working environment.  Not only do they need to be easy to maintain and practical, they also need to look beautiful and welcoming.

Complete Interiors offers a stunning range of washrooms to suit any work place. Depending on what look you want we can provide minimal framed cubical systems with solid doors and painted extrusions, back painted glass doors for a contemporary reflective quality and flush fronted floor to ceiling doors for a luxurious appearance. We also supply and fit custom made vanity units as well as sanitary units and brassware.

We can provide completely enclosed individual washrooms that can be unisex, or user defined and will blend in with your interior space. It is much like having your own personal vanity space installed with a basin, toilet, mirror and any other accessories you wish to have.

Vanity units are necessary in any washroom and our non porous, hygenic products have been designed to create a lasting statement with high end laminate finishes and simple designs.

Another service we provide is pre-plumbed module washrooms. They are produced to specification, including plumbing, sanitary ware, water & soil connections and then function tested. This washroom is a self supporting module manufactured from strong 1.6mm thick galvanised steel. It is fully adjustable for height, plumb and level, effectively creating a pre-plumbed duct wall. Decorative access panels are fitted already machined, ready to receive sanitary ware.

A photo of a very smart office washroom in natural brown tones
A photo of a modern office washroom with shiny blue surfaces
A photo of a new modern office male washroom in browns
A photo of a contrasting black and white office washroom
A photo of a new modern office male washroom
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